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Dr. Amparo Garcia Lopez

Dr. Thomas Gurry





Phone: +41 (0)22 379 31 33


Research Interest:


Studying the human gut microbiota and its impact on health.  Specifically focused on the ability of the microbiota to ferment dietary fibres and the impact of the resulting metabolites on inflammation and metabolism.  



Phone: +41 (0)22 379 33 79

Dr. Hesham Ismail Hamed


Research Interest:


Dr Ismail is working on deciphering aberrant signalling cascades in murine models of neuromuscular disorders both on the cellular and on the intact animal level. He is also working on the preclinical development of drug candidates capable of correcting these dysregulated processes with the aim of advancing promising therapies to the clinics.



Phone: +41 (0)22 379 34 24


Dr. Laurence Neff




Phone: +41 (0)22 379 34 23

Dr. Sébastien Tardy


Research Interest: 

  • Medicinal chemistry / Synthesis of compounds of biological interest.

  • Synthesis of inhibitors of oncogenic fusion protein NPM-ALK for in vitro and in vivo assays.

  • Referent of the group on the issues concerning the organic chemistry.

  • Manager in the particle works in organic chemistry at the school of pharmaceutical sciences of Geneva and Lausanne (EPGL).

  • Teaching in Bachelor level: 24h of lessons in pharmaceutical chemistry.

  • Supervisor of PhD students and several Master trainees and apprentices since several years.



Phone: +41 (0)22 379 65 89

Dr. Magali Zeisser Labouèbe


Research Interest: 

​Development of active pharmaceutical compounds (small molecules, proteins and peptides, DNA/RNA) involving formulation development (from simple buffered liquid formulation to nanosized drug delivery systems), analytical development for drug characterization and in vitro/in vivo preclinical evaluation of compounds.



Phone: +41 (0)22 379 33 77

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